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For media inquiries, contact Susan at susantiesi@sbcglobal.net

Susan Tiesi helps spread the word about Prevent The Bite through targeted media exposure and promotion strategies. By doing so, Prevent The Bite can effectively turn the tide on dog bites through public education and awareness.

Susanís personal commitment to helping Prevent The Bite goes beyond her 25 years of communications consulting in the corporate world. Susan was inspired after a neighborhood dog bit her familyís beloved puppy, Luigi. While Luigi recovered from his injuries, Susanís son, who witnessed the incident, was traumatized. By introducing him to Kellyís story, sharing the steps of WAIT and promoting PTB, Rickyís fears reduced and his love of dogs remained. Now Susan helps promote the Prevent The Bite program to extend its reach and ability.

All dog safety information is meant to be regarded as suggestions only.
There is no way to guarantee that these techniques will prevent injury or death.
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